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“Lethal Rita” – a drink with baileys and cointreau

This is in English in honor of Rita, who’s my good friend from England, in Spain (!), who first served me this drink. One night at her house, she asked if I wanted a drink. I happily accepted, and within seconds I had a large glass of light brown liquid in my hands: baileys and cointrau. It was only after I was half way through the gigantic drink that Rita told me of the possible “lethal” outcome of drinking too much of the stuff (as with any drinks, I suppose, only with this one it hits you while you’re not looking). Therefore, it comes with a friendly warning: keep it to 1 or 2, and all will end well!

lethal rita - drink med baileys og cointreau

“Lethal Rita” (1 drink)
2 cl Cointreau
4 cl Baileys

Mix the two liquids in a glass. Stir gently, and pour into a glass with ice. Enjoy immediately!

I have reduced the recipe to “regular” drink measures. If you want the gigantic version like the one I was served, just multiply until the glass is full :-)

Rita: Thank you very much for your warm hospitality and generosity. And the drink recipe!

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