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ostekake med baileys

Dorothy’s cheesecake

What do you get when two ladies, who don’t know each other, play golf together for about 4 hours? Well, I hope they might do a bit of golfing in between all the chatting, but you might also get the beginning of a new friendship. And if one of those […]

English, Saus

Salsa Romesco

Salsa Romesco was one of the recipes we made at Cook and Taste – the cooking class I attended in Barcelona a little while back. I didn’t get to make the sauce in class, as I was cooking one of the other dishes, so I bought with me some nyores […]

ENEstående Mat, English, Reise

Cooking in Barcelona

In the heart of the old town of Barcelona, in a street so narrow it looks like the buildings are kissing, you find the bright yellow kitchens of Cook and Taste. The concept is simple, but genius: you sign up for a class to learn more about Spanish ingredients, cooking […]

Bilde av form med lun potetsalat

Potato salad with spicy chorizo

Sometimes I turn to my favorite cookbook Familiekokeboka for inspiration. It is of course in Norwegian, but here is the wonderful and spicy potato and chorizo salad for those who are not fluent in Norwegian (yet). This recipe reminded me that capers goes really well with potatoes, and that the […]

English, Sjømat

Teriyaki salmon

For some odd reason, I have lost my taste for cooked salmon. The raw version is still a favourite – it’s the heated version thats lost it’s appeal. But, fish is healthy, and salmon is readily available, so I’m making an effort to liking salmon again. A very tasty experiment to […]

Bakst, English, Frokost, Tilbehør

Cheese scones

This is another delicious recipe from my friend Rita (remember Lethal Rita?). I generally think scones are a bit too dry, but not these. I’m sure it’s all the lovely melted cheese that makes the scones so moist and irresistible, leaving my mouth craving more, more, more! As I’ve said before: […]